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In our society, advertisements are full of every place. You can 't run away from them, because you can find them on TV, radio, internet or in magazines. They all have their target consumer. They have specifically designed advertising for different people. Advertising industry is a very important industry of our world now. Each company need it to attract consumer 's attention. In my opinion, one of the most common ways is use of sex to attract people. Today, I will analyze one specific advertisement. This advertisement is used by Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. The target consumer of this advertisement is both men and women that love to drink alcohol and older than 18 years old. The company is stand on the male side of the equation to get their attention and interest to attract beautiful women in the right and bright colors to bring to your attention a bottle of whiskey right in the middle of the page. And then let these people stay in the attention of the fact that they have an incredible looking woman who is claiming to be in the side not. And then one way, they try to get women to look at ads, read it by showing a very dull girl, it seems to be very typical of girls in young age. Then, next to them, showing the same girl, now has become a very attractive woman, but seems to be more effectual and sure myself. In a way, you can do it if you drink Evan Williams Ken Taki straight bourbon. The purpose is to make young adults drink whiskey even at the age of age. A specific

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