Advertising In Advertising

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ADVERTISING IN NEW MEDIA Advertising means promoting a particular brand or product to the customers that they can use for their everyday purpose. The main purpose of the advertising has to convey information to customers and gain positive response from customers about the organizations offerings. It is really important to get a proper information about the product that a customer is willing to use it. In earlier times advertising was done through print and electronic media. Advertisements are done to only give the information about the product to customers and if there were no advertisements then customers were not known to the products. As in, in print media the advertising of a product was done through newspapers, magazines, brochures, etc and in electronic media the advertising was done through television and radio where people were able to recognize the product clearly as they could see the product and were able to get the proper information of that product. How do people recognize about a particular brand through advertising only. When a customer sees a good advertising of a product then they get a interest to buy that product. If advertising that is not clear and not giving the proper information about the product then the customer also gets confuse about that the product and do not show any interest in it. There is always competition between the brands of the products. For example tooth paste has many brands like colgate, pepsodante,
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