Black Friday Advertisement Analysis

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The day after thanksgiving is called Black Friday and is one of the days when the stores al over the world is having a sale in stores and on the Internet. This is the day when the Americans purchase at the most. This day together whit cyber Monday marks the start of the Christmas shopping. Because its so big and extensive event it includes a lot of advertising from the stores and a lot of companies wants to show the cheap prices so the costumers chooses to buy their products and merchandises.

Einar Korpus is writing in his thesis (2008) that advertising is a big part of todays culture and society (Korpus 2008:290 and Gertrud Petterson (1974) is writing that in today’s society the advertisings role is to show up a company’s
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They have one thing in common and that is the Black Friday. Al the ads has been published to market the big Black Friday sale on Macys.
I started whit collecting them from the Internet and the only criteria was Black Friday. After that was I analysing each and one on there one. Breaking them down to se what I could find. I counted the modes and found out which modes they used in the ads.

Data and
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The background colour is a bright reed end on the background has they placed a Santa who is almost covering the whole background in the ad. On top of the background and the Santa can we find text. The sentence “ Macy’s cyber week specials” is bigger then the rest and therefore foregrounded. The Macy logo is also in the same text size and can therefore also counts as its foregrounded. They has also choose to include coupons in the ad. But they have the same colour as the background and because of that they melt partly in to the background. In the Santa Claus hand can we find a symbol according to Peirce and it is a iPad. The mark for percent (%) and the mark for American dollar ($) is also symbol according to
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