Advertising In The Age Of Globalization

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In the age of globalization MNCs (Multinational Corporations) are in need to reach wider ranges of audiences and consumers across border than ever. Advertising becomes an essential and integral part of marketing mix in today’s MNCs’ marketing strategies. Advertising can be seen as an informative communication regarding products or services from the manufacturer to the consumers. Advertising helps manufactures or companies to attract new consumers, while at the same time retaining the existing consumers, which would result in higher revenues and ultimately earn more profit. Advertising is used not only to inform and remind consumers about a product or service but also to persuade them to buy (Kotler and Armstrong, 2014).

Advertising of a certain product in different countries can be same or different depending on the culture of those particular countries. For example; in an advertisement of a car with women will be more welcomed in USA and Europe, but may not be received well in Middle East due to the different cultural values they possess. Culture is a very important aspect while deciding on making an advertisement as the advertisement requires adjustment based on local market culture. Advertising targeting various international markets involves significant knowledge about the culture of that very country because culture shapes or defines the needs and behavior of consumers. That is why consumers from same culture do have same preference for food, clothes, and recreation
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