Advertising In The Beauty Industry

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Advertising can be a form in which the audience analyzes and takes specific action. It can be a million dollar industry, which can affect us in a daily base. Industries depends on their advertisement to be highly be effective, especially the cosmetic industry. Their main goal is to make you feel you “want” the product, and can end up turning into “need” the product. It’s highly encouraging women to buy it. Being a woman we desire to look exactly like the model in the magazine. We may not completely look like them, but wish we did. We may go through hundreds of dollars buying cosmetic magazine just to see perfection of these women. These campaigns are aiming towa2rds women wishing to improve their inter beauty appearance.
Both ads are promoting something different from each other and a different brand as well. L’Oreal has the famous singer Jennifer Lopez promoting L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge lipstick, a classic red shade that was selected for this ad. Provocative and sexy bright red lips is what is catching our attention and the following quote that was stated “Staying power… You either have it or you don’t”. Let’s say you’re flipping the page of a magazine and the first thing you notice is Jennifer Lopez eyes looking straight at you. By the glance she was physically speaking to you in your mind with direct contact. Not only did she have her lips done, additional makeup was applied such as eye shadow, blush and bronzer. Making her look twice as better. Especially, the
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