Advertising In Walt Disney Company

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There is no denying that the Walt Disney Company, “a leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise” (Company Overview, para. 1), has taken a quantum leap and made the world a better place. Besides many other fundamental elements, advertising performs a substantial role in influencing on its success. Correspondingly, thanks to a fortune spent on advertising in 2013, “Frozen” has become the most economically successful animated blockbuster of all time (Appelbaum, 2014, para. 6; Han, 2014, para. 1). Moreover, according to Ad Age's annual "200 Leading National Advertisers" report, the company spent up 7.4% to 2.1 billion for ad in 2014 (as cited in O'Reilly, 2015, para. 4).
It is asserted from this story of the Walt Disney Company that the world we live in today is taken up by all forms of advertisements. It appears all around us and becomes an inevitable part of our lives. Whilst appropriate advertisements help customers choose different kinds of goods and help companies increase sales of their products and services, a huge amount of
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In view of the ongoing development of technology, advertisers have even more ways to get to their consumers. However, “65% of consumers consider themselves overwhelmed by too many advertising messages, and nearly 60% believe advertising is not relevant to them” (Porter and Golan, 2006). As cited in the New York Times, "Yankelovich, a market research firm, estimates that a person living in a city 30 years ago saw up to 2,000 ad messages a day, compared with up to 5,000 today" (2007, para. 7). In effect, this sheer volume of advertising in society is truly staggering logically it is impossible for consumers to make out and fully process such many messages (Boyd,
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