Advertising In Youth And Youth

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How many ads do you think someone has seen by the age of 15? According to the movie “Affluenza” The number of ads they have seen can range from 1 million ads to 1 billion ads! Youth see so many ads, especially on T.V. and in the mail. 40 % of their mail is an advertisement! Incredible how many ads they can see in such a short time! Sometimes, you see an ad and then you go buy the product, without knowing the ad is false, you end up wasting your money. This can happen to the heavily affected youth, by seeing too many ads, as they can see 1 million to 1 billion ads by the time they are 15. Their health can also be affected incredibly, if they eat fast food way too much. Their money can also be majorly affected by advertisements if they choose to spend money on worthless products. The role of advertising in the lives of youth is extremely important, it makes or breaks their decisions with money, health and what they do with their life. To start us off, marketing companies may say that they are just “doing their job” but, in reality they are just taking advantage of every aspect of youth’s lives, including school! Like sometimes I’ll walk around school and I see a group of kids wearing a bunch of thrasher magazine t-shirts. I would walk down to go to the gym 3 days later and see a bunch of other people who I’ve never seen with them on! It’s crazy how the ripple effect works, especially with middle school and high school. In the YouTube video called “The Myth of Choice: How
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