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Top Ten Advertising Companies in India Description: Are you looking for the top ten advertising agencies in India? If yes, then look no further. Here is a list of the best advertising agencies which can help advertise your brand, promote it and market it. Advertising is an age old marketing process that has evolved over the time. This is the oldest form of marketing communication which is used to encourage audience to engage with your brand. Advertising plays a major role in today’s time. Several advertising companies in India have taken it up a notch to arise as leaders. While there a number of agencies creating advertisements, some have really outwitted the others in the field. Listed below are top 10 advertising agencies which are the biggest…show more content…
Founded by David Ogilvy, the company has offices in more than 150 countries across the globe. Some notable ad campaign done by the company includes Cadbury Dairy Milk and Vodafone. 2. Rediffuison – DY&R Website Link: Parented by WPP group, Rediffusion is rated one among the leading advertising agencies in India. It has its corporate office in New Delhi, India and it offers services which include web design, advertising, promotion, social media and Program setups. 3. Adbot India Pvt Ltd Website Link: Adbot India holds expertise in online advertising with more than 6 years of campaign handling experience. Their teams of specialists create ads with great intelligence and strive to offer best performance. The company has its corporate office in Delhi NCR and is among the well-known advertising agencies in India. 4. Mudra Communications Ltd Website Link: Founded in 1980, Mudra Communications Ltd is a premier advertising company. It has offices in 15 cities in India with its head office in Ahmedabad and Gujarat. Some of its clients include Future Group, Bata, HDFC, Aircel and Reebok. 5. GWT Hindustan Thompson Associates Website Link:…show more content…
It is a full service agency with a broad range of abilities and reputation. It serves in many cities in India with corporate office in Kolkata and West Bengal. Their services include advertising, media planning, design and handling public relation. The company is known to offer easy and creative solutions. 7. FCB-Ulka Advertising Ltd Website Link: Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, FCB=Ulka Advertising Ltd was established in 1961 and is functional in 92 countries and has 150 offices around the globe. The company is known to have delivered its services to some of the biggest clients across the globe owing to its highly expert team of professionals and advanced technology which makes this company stand out. 8. Chaitra Leo Burnett Pvt Ltd Website Link: It is a leading advertising company which was founded in 1935 and is based in Chicago, United States. It has its original office in India situated in Bengaluru and Karnataka. The company has served some of the biggest clients namely HDFC, Amazon, Zee Business and Bajaj to name a few. 9. Trikaya Grey Advertising ( India)

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