Advertising Industry Analysis

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3.1 An overview of advertising industry
Advertising is usually used to influence the consumers to consumer a product or service. Advertisers always try to establish brand image and loyalty through advertisements. Advertising is the communication tool; it is giving product or brand information to the consumers. Print Media (Newspaper, magazines), Television, Radio, Cinema, Outdoor and Internet are the main mediums used for advertising. Advertising is often located by an ad agency on behalf of a company. Advertisement is often placed anywhere audience can easily access information like walkway, railway stations, on the sides of buses (transit advertisements) etc…
Wall or rock painting and Papyrus were
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These days advertisements started to appear in weekly newspapers. It was used to promote books and newspapers. The availability of repeated advertising in newspapers helps to develop nationally known brand names for product developers. La Presse, the French newspaper was the first to include paid advertising in its pages.
In 20th century, advertisements used sex appeal to influence the audience. Woodbury Soap Company was the first organization used images of sexual contacts to sell a product. They used the tagline Skin You Love to Touch and it became so popular. Many celebrities also appeared in advertisements for this company. Applied psychological theory in advertising by Walter D. Scott was one of the major contributions of this era. He stated that emotional appeals like, love, hate and fear have a great effectiveness among
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There is no law to regulate advertising in India, but the Advertisement Standard Council of India (ASCI) will monitor the issue between competitors to solve the problem of dispute on advertisements. If there is an issue between competitors, ASCI will call both the parties and enquire. If the offensive advertising is not withdrawn, then the ASCI will direct the case to the court to claim damages.
Indian advertising industry is growing very slow as compared to the global advertising industry. It means more than 50% of the population is not influenced by advertisements. 75000 crore is the total volume of Indian advertisement spending. Low literacy levels, inaccessible and unreachable rural markets, mindset of the people etc… are the major challenges of the industry. For example, if a person wants to paint his house, he will not go with advertisements by newspapers but he will go with word of mouth

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