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Advertising is a strong influencer in today’s society and has been used for centuries. Advertisements intend to be persuasive and are strategically designed to influence readers and captivate their audience in order for them to buy their products. Today we have access to many platforms which are flooded with advertisements and commercials on television, radio’s, internet and around cities, cars, people, signs and billboards. We may also find products showcased and advertised on other products like calendars. Advertising today isn’t all about items and products, but are also a way to showcase and influence decisions whether that would be to vote for a mayor or a state leader, but to most of all persuade you for votes so the desired person can…show more content…
The product was found on page 13 and has been compared to a women’s watch, ‘Rado’ which was found in a women’s magazine with the cost of $8.50 on page 10.
Nobrac’s watch has been advertised in a nine, ninety-five dollar magazine which tell us that this is being promoted to those who read magazines and can afford and or have interest in them. Male Adults and up would be interested in these magazines and the type of watch which is carbon fibre could be towards working or middle class and up men. We can also see that price listed on the page is six hundred and ninety-five dollars which is not what your average working man would look for.
Both magazines had targeted audience, both towards a similar age group and set gender based magazine. “V8X” focused towards men’s products, fashion and vehicles whereas “InStyle” focused on women’s fashion, products and health. “V8X” costed nine, ninety-five dollars setting the audience to more wealthier men who can potentially afford most of the products listed. “InStyle” was eight-fifty dollars and advertised less expensive products, showing us that each magazine had a gender, age and wealth based target

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