Advertising's Influence On Consumer Behavior

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Television Advertisement 's influence on the attitude of consumer behaviour
Ruchita Sujai Chowdhary,Ph.D. Scholar, Institute of Journalism and Mass Communication,SRM University, Lucknow,,Ph:-8127387510

Abstract: Advertising is all around us, it is an unavoidable part of everyone’s life. Some people say that advertising is a positive part of our lives while others say it is a negative one. It 's about creating a message and sending it to someone, hoping they will react in a certain way. Advertising becomes controversial when questions arise about how it influences people and whether that is a good thing. Some say they hate it and that it makes us do things we don 't really want to do. Others see it as a fashion
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It 's no more about the promotion of goods and service - the objective now is to provide an experience to the audience, to be specific, the "target group" of the brand. Because of all this, advertising has created a strong impact on our lives - not just in terms of lifestyle but also our psychology, behavior and aspirations. We see an ad where a child goes to a store and asks for 'namak ' and gives a lecture on purity to the shopkeeper on receiving some other brand of salt. Why do we see this? Because through advertising, every single person has evolved in terms of awareness of the brands, which earlier used to be an objective to achieve. Human beings, in general, have become specific towards their needs. We now, no more depend on others ' suggestions. Advertising is enough to affect our decision process. Every product which advertises is a brand for the…show more content…
H0 : The variable media effect has some significant impact on the purchase habit.
a) Sampling - Non probability sampling was adopted to collect the data. The sample was composed of 27 women and 33 men. A convenience sampling procedure was applied. The samples selected are from different status, Educational background, age group and streams.
b) Sources of data collection- Information was obtained from randomly selected students from Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Urdu Arabi Farsi University, Lucknow , through survey questionnaires during November 2015. A total sample of 50 participants were obtained. All questionnaires were self-administered by the participants without interference from the researcher.

c) Data Processing- Data was processed by using SPSS software.
d) Tools of Data collection- The tools of data collection translate the research objectives into specific questions/items, the responses to which will provide the data required to achieve the research objectives. In order to achieve this purpose, a questionnaire was prepared and each question/item was conveyed to the

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