Advertising Influence On Food

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The eating habits in our society have changed leaps and bounds over the last few decades. Many factors have altered the evolution of consumers in the industry- technology, images, media, changes within families, moral values, advertising and more. The goal of this paper is to analyse how advertising influences our needs and wants pertaining to food habits and our perception towards food.

This paper will start off with an introduction of how consumption has changed since the use of advertisements in food marketing started. The paper will look upon the rise of fad foods and food trends and the comparison between what food meant “traditionally” and the modernized concept of food.

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Usually these consumers have limited incomes that do not allow them to buy food items that are healthier, such as fresh fruits and vegetables as they tend to be more expensive. How the media promotes trends and fads in food choices and eating habits will be the main focus of this paper. The mind set behind food choices will be explored by looking at how the media develops and accomplishes marketing tactics- precisely formulated to trigger the spark of interest of targeted markets and…show more content…
The role of advertising is not small- it is the single most imperative action when the product is first put on the shelves of the supermarket of on the menu of restaurants. Companies must put extreme amounts of efforts into exploring the best ways to entice customers and for consumers to keep their attention on the product. They must also find the best way to increase awareness of their product among consumers of the targeted demographic, demonstration why the consumer must need and want that product. Packaging and labelling are two aspects of advertising that should have special attention to as it visually attracts a consumer even before they know what the product is about. Packing should be visually appealing and above all, clever. Products are strategically placed on shelves and throughout stores hence packaging and product placement in grocery stores go hand in hand when it comes to marketing tactics. Manipulating consumer’s food choices in places of purchase is as important as advertising as the products are right in front of them available for purchase and the influence should be strong enough for the consumers not to consider other

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