Advertising Influence Teenagers

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People with different gender, age, shape and size are affected by media in their own ways; there is a group that is much more vulnerable to media affects that is teenagers and adolescents. A person’s culture identifies which practices will take place within their society and which societal norms are established. Advertisements have a mental and physical impact on teenagers viewing television. Teenagers are viewed as a viable market segment because they can spend substantial income, spend money easily, and can easily influence their family members to spend on large and small household purchases that appeal to them. Advertising that is appealing to teenagers and that influences them to buy a certain product or service either by giving pressure…show more content…
teenagers influence each other to buy new products like gadgets, clothes and this can also create tension in between them as they always strive to what they think is best, they try to compete with each other in terms of fashion, gadgets and trends that in turn benefits the advertising company and proves the success of the advertisements by influencing children to buy a certain product or service. The effects of advertising could be very harmful on them. The advertising market know its potential success if teenagers get attracted to a certain advertisement which leads them to better sales but on the same time it also has a negative impact on the society and the mental and physical health of the children and teens exposed to television advertisements. A variety of techniques are used by advertisers to target teenagers. Despite there are many influences on humans through advertising which are bad but there is no way to prove its effect completely bad on humans. Advertising is very important for many businesses to create an…show more content…
Some of the advertisements have a mental and physical impact on teenagers viewing television. According to a study by Pediatrics, 2011 Children and adolescents view 40,000 advertisements per year on TV alone. Television advertising viewing plays an influential role than their parents mentioning the need for products, discussing about the purchase of various products, deciding what should be purchased and what should not, and finally buying products because advertising plays an important role in the family decision making process, and advertisers try to influence the child which in turn influences the whole family to buy a particular product or service. Every age group has a different way to influence their parents and buy a specific product or service. Children below 12 years would convince their parents to buy a product for them, whereas some teenagers i.e.13-19 would buy a product by saving for

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