Swot Analysis For Heineken

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For companies and in general for producers, products that they sell in the market are essential to make profit. Products’ uniqueness, quality, demand among buyers and other aspects about products are parts of success of producers. However, another aspect which is as important as product itself is advertisement strategies. Advertisement has a long history but it gained importance after 20th century when it turned to an industry. Developing technology and industry affected mass marketing and it created new types of strategies. Nevertheless, whether advertisements change in context or strategies, there are unchangeable four steps that essential
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That age is set by the governments. The general age set by the governments for people to buy beer and other alcoholic drinks is set at 16 years in and older to 21 years and older. So the target market of Heineken is everyone older than the age set by the government. In what way does Heineken target the separate markets within those markets? To target the young adults (age 18-30) Heineken uses music. The company organizes, for example, a dj-contest a lot of young adults are willing to go to that party. Heineken makes sure that their name is all over the place and that the party is a huge success Only Heineken beer is sold on that party, their name "Heineken" is everywhere you look. Their name is also associated with successful parties so every time those young adults go to a party they will compare it to the Heineken party. That is the way of getting a good reputation among young adults. Because of this reputation Heineken will sell more beer to those young adults, which is their goal. Beer is very often associated with football. Heineken is a sponsor of the UEFA Champions League. At the beginning and during a football match their name is on billboards on the sides of the field. Their name is also mentioned before the match begins, for example, “this match is sponsored by Heineken”. In this way Heineken associates itself with football. Their target market with this type of…show more content…
With technology everything changes so fast and companies should adapt themselves to new strategies in order to increase their product selling. Their strategies go along with the political economies and advertising become so popular for this purpose. The reason why ‘advertising’ of something become so popular is lie down under the neoliberal policies. David Harvey defines neoliberalism as “theory of political economic practices that proposes that human well-being can best be advanced by liberating entrepreneurial freedoms and skills within an institutionalized framework characterized by strong private property rights, free markets and free trade” (Harvey, 2005, p.2). In the light of this definition one could argue that advertisement industry is one of the best offspring of neoliberalism. It shapes people’s perception since beginning of this industry. In terms of our case study, Heineken is a great company which adapts itself to new strategies. When we watch its campaigns and ads we laugh and feel sympathy to them because they are creative and funny. However, they do not do these campaigns for people’s amusement; they are doing this for their profit. They are just another brick in the capital market. Advertisement, actually, is the relation between people and companies; this relation brings the value chain one another. What is important here is the unseen processes of production whether it is the

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