Advertising Issues In Advertisement

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ANOTHER BRICK IN CAPITALISM HEINEKEN – IT’S ALL ABOUT PROFIT Introduction For companies and in general for producers, products that they sell in the market are essential to make profit. Products’ uniqueness, quality, demand among buyers and other aspects about products are parts of success of producers. However, another aspect which is as important as product itself is advertisement strategies. Advertisement has a long history but it gained importance after 20th century when it turned to an industry. Developing technology and industry affected mass marketing and it created new types of strategies. Nevertheless, whether advertisements change in context or strategies, there are unchangeable four steps that essential to create an advertisement. First step is the defining what the product/service is and in what way it is different from other products. Second step is finding your target or costumers to sell products. Third step is the communication media which refers to ways to reach audiences such as printed media, TV, radio and so on. Last step is implementation. It means that images, music, colors that used in advertisements should reflect marketing strategy of a company. These steps are still used as a basic model for advertisement. (Advertising Strategy, n.d.) However, with developing technology and increase in the amount of mediums that can a company use, communication media step faces changes. In traditional mass media advertisements, audience

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