Advertising Literature Review

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Literature Review: The impact of consumer buying behavior on the impact of advertising has been given so much significance. (Ajzen, 2002)Advertising also plays an important role on consumer’s satisfaction. Positive and creative advertisement leads to consumer satisfaction whereas, negative and non-interesting advertisements may lead to consumer dissatisfaction. (Smith et al., 2002). Likewise Allen. Et al., (1992) disagree that it is emotional feelings hidden in advertisements which conveyance the customer to purchase or reject the product. In the words of Gorn, 1982, Advertisements could not recognize the quality of products, it only gives the information about the products along with emotional attachment. Most of the times, advertising agencies over emphasize about the features of the product in such a way that the consumer gets conveyance psychologically. (Smith et al., 2006) As a passage of time, most consumers are now being aware of the incomplete advertisements so they don’t consider these types of advertisements which irritate them. (Bishop, 1997) Most of the people are also in favor of advertisements to sell out the products easily rather than affecting the culture. (Gold, 1987).
Different people have different perceptions regarding everything, the advertisement may have a dismissive influence over consumer’s behavior. (Burr and Burr 1977 and Verbeke, W. 1992). Normally advertisement gives social benefits to customers on changing their cultural values (Schudson,
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