Advertising On The Impact Of The Influence Of Advertising In Advertising

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 BACKGROUND OF STUDY: In this day and age, advertising is the backbone of success of any company as it shapes the perceptions and attitudes of individuals over the buying behavior. Advertisement, itself, can lead a brand to the epitome of success or rip of product out of the market. If done through the right channel and in the right way, it attracts a large volume in a single shot. No business in present era can escape from such extensive influence of mass media and advertisements. Promotion can be done through various mediums such as print media, broadcasting and outdoor medium. AIDA (Attract, Interest, Desire, Achieve) concept brought into the marketing in late 19th century clearly indicates how effective advertisements play with human minds. When a potential customer sees any ad of a particular product, he gets attracted towards the product shown and his interest is created into the product. Regular advertisements make him desire for product and after a certain point he buys the product which is the final stage of this concept.…show more content…
In early 70s and 80s, advertisements played a similar role but through different channels. Symbols and pictorial signs are used to attract potential customers. Today, promotion is not only restricted to ads and pamphlets, but various other channels have even emerged which people could not even think of 10 years back. Either be films or vehicles, notebooks or radio, each and every thing creating a big impact if advertised clearly and effectively. Nowadays, advertisements are considered the most important and effective tool to make people understand about the product that may be entered or have entered into the market. The world dynamics have changed completely. Today, no brand can assure sales and profits without clear advertisements and
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