Sex Sells Advertisement Analysis

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“Sex sells”. Human beings have priorities; food is one, and sex is another. During the entire history of advertising, brands have used sexualization and objectification in their ads, which could lead to self-esteem issues and eating disorders. As said before, sex is one of the human’s priorities, so it is not for it to be attracted by these types of advertisements. Because of this, we know that banning this would be nearly impossible. Not only clothes brand sexualize and objectify their models, but some brands sexualize their foods too! As shown above, Schneider used both sexualization and objectification to hook people into buying the product. Schneider creates a toxic cultural environment because their advertisement promote beer through the…show more content…
The big thing that we see is the hand and a breast, but under, in small, we can see a hand simply going to grab a cup of beer. The fact of making a woman’s breast into a beer glassware downgrades the image of a woman to a simple object. The slogan “It doesn't matter what you see. What’s important is what it is” could make us think that beer is more important than women. The continued slogan says: “What’s important is the beer”, which translates to:it is more important to have something made out of glass with no soul that cannot give you love. Also, the fact of a hand touching a woman’s breast sexualizes the entire advertisement. On the other hand, this advertisement is a mix of many metaphors; in fact, beer is known for increasing the quantity of milk in breast feeding mothers, so this advertisement seems to use also a health fact to sell its item. But alcohol itself is a threat to breastfeeding because it can inhibit it. Also, alcohol-free beers have the same positive effect on breastfeeding. Beer advertisements have always been associated with men, so maybe this is a new approach to beer publicities. This theory is emphasized by the fact that the hand seems to be gender neutral because it’s not hairy like a man’s hand, but it’s a smooth looking hand: either a woman’s one or a teenager’s. This ad targets teenagers by eye catching them with an optical

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