Advertising: The Challenges And Disadvantages Of Online Advertising

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Online advertising is marketing a product or service using World Wide Web as a medium to obtain website traffic and to target and deliver the marketing message to the targeted audience.
Online advertising is changing the markets through unique and useful applications. Since the early 1990s online advertising has been influencing the tastes and preferences of the buyers, however the last 2 decades has seen a stupendous growth in online advertising because of rising growth of internet and the increase in number of users using internet for every information.
The biggest advantage of online marketing is selling a product or service to the targeted audience without the geographical boundaries. The major challenge in online advertising is the evolving field of interactive advertising, which poses new challenges for online advertisers.
Online advertisements are purchased through one of the following methods:
• Cost per Thousand (CPM): Advertisers pay when their messages are exposed to specific audiences.
• Cost per Click (CPC): Advertisers pay every time a user clicks on their ads.
• Cost per Action (CPA): Advertisers only pay when a specific action for example, a purchase, is performed.
Examples of online advertising are banner ads, search engine result pages, social networking ads, email campaigns, online classified ads, pop-ups and spyware.
Advantages of online advertising:
• Online advertisement campaigns creates brand awareness.
• With the increase in the number of internet

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