Advertising: The Ethical Perspective Of The Ethics Of Cigarette Advertising

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1.0 Introduction
Dunhill is one of the well-known luxury branded cigarette in the world that produced by Alfred Dunhill Ltd. Alfred Dunhill Limited is a London based of British American Tobacco company that was founded in 1893 in London. Dunhill cigarettes are considered a luxury brands because of its priced are more expensive compared to the average cigarette brands. The products are exported mostly throughout Europe, Middle East, South Africa and South Asia included Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and other countries in Asia. Aside from tobacco cigarette products, the company (Alfred Dunhill Ltd.) also operate and own a leather workshop and produced other products such jewelry, scarves, gloves, belts leather bags and others. They are also known of their specializing in men’s luxury leather goods, timepieces,
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Whereas, the advertisement of cigarette is still freely advertised up to now to public despite the knowledge of its harmful consequences that cigarette bring to everyone. One of the reasons why I find this advertisement unethical is that the truth behind of using cigarette or its effect was not being mentioned during the advertising which can affect a healthy person to adopt a dangerous habit. In relation to this, the Deontology theory can best apply for this unethical perspective because the advertisement is more concern in making profit rather than the consequences to its consumers. The Dunhill advertisement is advertising their product world widely so that they can attract more customers in order to gain more profit. In addition, the advertisement knows that the product that they sell for profit is dangerous to the health of the consumer and bring various diseases to the body. Same goes to the Deontology theory which concern more on the action and not the

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