Advertising: The Future For Advertising Is Online Advertising

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The Future for Advertising is Online Advertising.

Nowadays, online advertising is very successful. More and more people use Internet. Online social media has increased very fast now. It not only embodies in buying products online. It includes Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Google. And online advertising is more convenient and useful than newspaper and TV ads. And it can be spread more quickly and more large scope. So it could cost our less time than newspaper and TV ads. It could be more specific than newspaper and TV ads,because it can show us many clear picture and other details about productions. What is more,online advertising can provide more information about products. And people also can more comfortable to buy products after asking the customer service. And the number of Internet users is increasing. The costs of online advertising is very low. That can show that online advertising is the future of advertising.

More and more users to use Internet. According to Ryan Thomas(2011),“Since most papers do not dig much further than the topical, it is not introducing a new element and hardly a fresh perspective.”So the newspaper do not adapt to the Internet environment, and it do not appeal to young people. And as Barclay Ballard(2014),“The number of individuals watching TV, for example, decreased by 4 percent last quarter when compared to a year ago.”Because of many people prefer to online streaming, the number of people who watches TV is on the decrease.
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