Advertising: The Impact Of Online Advertising And Social Media

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In the modern society, the Internet is the faster way to spread the message. The Online world is an unlimited business opportunity. Especially in social media penetration, therefore, these media have become the new favorites advertising tool. Online social media is in everywhere with high interaction, it allows users to express their views. Teo et al (2003) proposes a research in order to study the influences of interactivity level on web users’ attitude towards social media. In additions, companies can use the social media as an advertising method in order to make sales doubled. Since the amount of social media users are increasing day-by-day, the effectiveness of propaganda is better than traditional one-way advertising. Online advertising can build relationships with customers in different industries, through social networking site advertisement, customers can make an immediate response, it breaks the traditional one-way advertising method to help companies understand customer requirements and needs and to make appropriate adjustments in the future campaign. Social media sites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Weibo and so on, their users were asked to register. Through registration, social media platforms have saved their information such as age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, education, and residence. Using the extensive user data, social media advertising can intensively target potential customers. Based on target group to advertise, it helps to turn

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