Advertising: The Importance Of Point-Of Purchase Advertising

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Consumers are probably more influenced by point-of-purchase displays than any other form of advertising. The Point-of-Purchase Advertising is define as a form of advertising within a retail environment that is designed to influence the customer to purchase a product or service. The point-of-purchase merchandising is used to draw attention to a product or a service and it ultimately brings value to the shopping experience to prospective customer.
First this is considered is to draw the attention to the point-of-purchase to give rise to increased sales, this could be done through using light and motion with 3D graphics to make the customer’s notice the display. Further, it is used to give the display pleasing appearance to customers. The design of point-of-purchase is customized and explains the special features associated with the product. It creates brand awareness and these products are highly visible from all the dimensions.
Importance of Point-of-Purchase
The Point-of-purchase strengthens the advertising, and marketing messages, including brand benefits, packaging designs, and unique selling propositions. It should be
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For example, services are very intangible, so POP displays for these products should provide some types of tangible "add-ons." Major differences also exist with convenience, shopping, and specialty products. Developing effective POP displays also depends on the consumer's experience with the service or product and the amount of information to the consumer must gather to make him an educated and effective buyer. For example, should the consumer need or want a product he or she is unfamiliar with, and which is on the expensive side, the POP planner must provide significant amounts of information about the product— information that is important to the

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