Advertising: The Role Of Women

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When watching television, one simply cannot avoid seeing ads. Ads are extremely influential as they mirror the society. And what is the most common thing shown in ads? The presence of women. Whether it is a movie, TV show or an ad, a women has to be there. Why? Women are portrayed as pieces of furniture. This is because women are considered to be sex symbols and all they have learned about ads is “sex sells.” What do they tell about women? They tell that the most important thing is to look good. Girls, from a very young age, are told that it is absolutely necessary to look sexy. When seven year-old girls are asked about their wish list, they reply by saying that they want to be thinner and look like Barbie dolls. Females are taught to diet and be dissatisfied with their bodies. Media plays a huge role in making women anorexic. Studies have shown that one in five women suffer from eating disorder. 44% of women who are average, in one study, said that they think they are overweight. 69% girls said that the magazine models influence their ideas of a perfect body. Nine out of ten participants in a diet program are females. Eating disorder is known to have affected 24 million Americans and 70 million worldwide. The main purpose of the ads is to sell the product and arouse demand for the products. How do they do this? By selling weight reducing machinery and stating the problems that a “fat” girl could face. Or by selling hair products and stating that women with long hair
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