Case Study: Aer Lingus

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Company Profile
The company that we chose to do this report on was Aer Lingus. They are the national airline of Ireland and their headquarters are located in Dublin Airport, Ireland. The company was founded by the Irish government in 1936.
Through regional and mainline franchise services. Aer Lingus carries over 11 million passengers every year. The airline’s main goal is to connect Ireland with the world by offering their customers convenience ,comfort and great price options. Their aim is to make Aer Lingus the smart choice when it comes to air travel in Ireland. The company employs over 4, 000 employees who are made sure to be passionate about the brand, their customers and their service. The companies motto is “We fly people, not just planes”.
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“Attracting and recruiting the best employees is critical to success in all sectors and to all types of organisations, regardless of size” (Cullen & Farrelly, 2005, p. 41). 
The quote above from Cullen and Farrelly backs up the point that in today’s business world it is vital for organisations to ensure that they choose the best recruitment and selection method available to their industry otherwise they run the risk of hiring the wrong person. A company should be hiring employees who are committed to the goals of the organisation. Turner (2010) expresses the importance of the recruitment and selection process because he states that for any organisation to be profitable they need the correct people, in the correct place at the correct time and this relies solely down to the recruitment and selection methods. 

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The competency model is where importance is placed on the candidates ownership of certain abilities or traits. Some typical competencies are leadership, teamwork, customer focus and communication. Competencies are seen mainly as inputs. They consist of knowledge and skills that could affect an individual’s ability to perform. 
We felt the competency model suits Aer Lingus because competencies such as mental toughness, hard work, leadership and attention to detail would be crucial to such a successful
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