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Aerial volcano lies at the convergent plate boundary between an oceanic and continental plate. It is believed to have been formed through the process of subduction. When the two plates converge, the denser and thinner oceanic plate gets bent, or subducted, beneath the lighter and thicker continental plate. The magma rises, becoming lava when it reaches the Earth’s surface. When the lava cools, it forms rock. Over time, after several eruptions in which magma explodes to the surface when pressure in the Earth is released, the rock builds up and Aerial volcano is formed. The area where this happens is called the subduction zone. The crust of the subducted oceanic plate melts and forms magma, a hot fluid.Environmental: Negative


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The path as shown on the map dictates the direction in which residents should travel. Residents are advised to familiarize themselves with the evacuation plan.

The evacuation route will begin in Bravo Town (in highest risk Zone A) and move northwards along the Southwest coastal road towards Alpha City.

From this point, together with the Alpha City residents, the evacuees will travel across the trans-island road (within Zone C) to Charlie Town. Here, the Charlie Town and Aerial Resort residents (also in the highest risk Zone A) will be picked up, and the evacuees will continue traveling northwards to Delta Town (Zone G).

As Aerial Volcano erupts with a pyroclastic flow that travels at 100km per hour, it is important that the residents living in high risk areas such as A should be evacuated at the first signs of impending eruption. Therefore, they should be the first ones to move to areas of lower risk, followed by residents of other areas, who will then be evacuated to the safest zones to ensure safety from the volcanic

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