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Geography PT Guide to Aerial Volcano by Rebecca Chin (9) 213 Geography PT || Ebook Formation of the Volcano on Aerial Island Aerial Volcano is a stratovolcano. It is a conical volcano with steep sides formed by the accumulation of hardened lava, rock fragments, and volcanic ash. [ fig 1 ] Magma erupt through one or more volcanic vents, which are openings on the earth’s crust. They are built up when eruptions occur. With each eruption, erupted lava and ash adds another layer to the growing volcano. After many eruptions, the volcanic material pile up around the vent(s). These piles form what we recognize to be Aerial Volcano. 1 How Aerial Volcano is formed Aerial Volcano erupts pyroclastic flow. Pyroclastic flows are mixtures of ash, pumice and…show more content…
These gases mainly consist of water vapour, carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide gas. • Carbon dioxide emitted would contribute to the Greenhouse effect and warming of the Earth. • Molten lava rolling down the mountain side may engulf entire towns in its path [ fig 3 ]. The towns at highest risk would be Bravo and Charlie Towns in Zones A and B. • Aerial Island’s entire source of agriculture is located within Zone A, with the highest risk of being destroyed by the eruption. If not already destroyed, acid rain (caused by sulphur dioxide) can affect crops directly and reduce yields from agriculture. Livestock and other animals will be killed by lava, pyroclastic flows and gases. • Lahars are mudflows flowing at very fast speed. When moving, it resembles a mass of wet concrete carrying rock debris. They are caused by lava melting ice and snow on the mountain or water being ejected from an explosion crater lake, which mixes with ash and mud. Lava flows and lahars can also destroy settlements and clear large areas of forests and agriculture in Zones A and…show more content…
• The ecosystem will be severely impacted as masses of species are wiped out. Impacts of a Volcanic Eruption Economic Impacts • Income earned from agriculture, which is likely to make up a big part of the Island’s export revenue may be cut off as all agriculture (located in Zone A) is likely to be destroyed from the eruption. Income from forestry, fishing and manufacturing industries will also sharply decrease, as these sectors may experience substantial damage. • Income from the tourism sector will temporarily stop. Ash will disrupt airplanes, so Aerial airport will have to be temporarily closed down, and all flights will be cancelled. As a result, tourism will sharply decrease for a period of time after the explosion. • The government may have to provide compensation for those who face significant financial impacts, causing the country’s budget to suffer. 3 Aerial Island is a less economically developed country, so it may not have enough money to spend on the protection of the country and people when the volcano erupts. Social Impacts • There may not be enough resources to rebuild homes quickly, as well as provide sufficient shelters, emergency housing and refugee camps for the

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