Aerial Volcano Report

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Guide to Aerial Volcano by Rebecca Chin (9) 213
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Formation of the Volcano on Aerial Island
Aerial Volcano is a stratovolcano. It is a conical volcano with steep sides formed by the accumulation of hardened lava, rock fragments, and volcanic ash. [ fig 1 ] Magma erupt through one or more volcanic vents, which are openings on the earth’s crust. They are built up when eruptions occur.
With each eruption, erupted lava and ash adds another layer to the growing volcano. After many eruptions, the volcanic material pile up around the vent(s). These piles form what we recognize to be
Aerial Volcano.
How Aerial Volcano is formed
Aerial Volcano erupts pyroclastic flow.
Pyroclastic flows are mixtures of ash, pumice
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Social Impacts
• There may not be enough resources to rebuild homes quickly, as well as provide sufficient shelters, emergency housing and refugee camps for the stranded.
• Many people will be left homeless and those who have lost a loved one may suffer psychological damage. • There may be a food shortage as all agriculture will be wiped out, leading to starvation.
• Unemployment may rise for a period of time after the eruption as industries are destroyed.
• Clean water, sewage disposal and food distribution facilities may be disrupted by flooding, ash fallout and lava flows which block transport routes.
• Increased levels of occupancy due to shortage of housing may lead to sewage disposal systems
(ie. septic tanks) to malfunction due to accumulations of large amounts of waste.
• Exposed water supplies (ie. springs and wells) may be contaminated with ash, deeming them unsafe for consumption.
• The risk of diseases and famine will be high if the affected people are remote from emergency services. 4
This video explains impacts of a erupted volcano faced by Icelanders by

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