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2.1. INTRODUCTION The literature survey of current work was considered from two aspects. The first aspect concerned with Aero-elasticity which used to estimate air-structure interaction effect. The second aspect concerned with structure analysis which used to estimate the structure response due to air- structure and fluid-structure effects. 2.2. AERO-ELASTICITY Aero-elasticity is the branch of physics and engineering that studies the interaction between the deformation of an elastic structure in an airstream and the resulting aerodynamic force. The study of aero-elasticity may be generally classified into two fields:- static aero-elasticity, which deals with the static or steady response of an elastic body to a fluid flow; and dynamic aero-elasticity, which deals with the body’s dynamic, normally, vibrational response. Aero-elasticity draws on the study of fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, structural dynamics and dynamical systems. Aero-elastic phenomena can also play an important role in turbomachinery, civil-engineering structures and…show more content…
The important aspects of the wind-bridge interaction were investigated considering the aerodynamic phenomena affecting the different parts of the bridge (mainly deck and towers). The global bridge finite element method was used to calculate the bridge natural frequencies, which were fundamental for the analysis of the bridge response to the wind action. The experimental doings and results were proposed in the framework of a synergic approach between numerical and experimental approaches that represents the common practice in defining the full scale aero-elastic performance of the bridge starting from scaled reproduction of the wind-bridge interaction. The Static and dynamic wind loads, aero-elastic stability and vortex induced vibrations had been

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