Aerobic Exercise Essay

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What is Aerobic Exercise?
Aerobic exercise or 'cardio', is a sort of physical activity which works on the principle of aerobic energy generating process. The word aerobic in itself says that it requires the presence of oxygen throughout. It is one of the most effective way to maintain health and keep the heart healthy. But the fact is, "It's not about what you do, but how you do it". Many a times, people develop an incorrect notion of "The more the better", which is not only wrong but also dangerous for body's health. There is a limit, "Maximum and minimum heart rate"; which should be taken under consideration. I'll come to it later. For now, let's go through some facts about "Cardio".

Facts about Aerobic Exercise

. This physical activity
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Target heart rate - It is simply the percentage of one's maximum heart rate. Generally, it is a range [65% - 85%] in which a person should maintain the heart rate during workout.

Calculation -

There are two formulae that can be used to calculate is as shown below-

. Maximum heart rate during workout = 220 - Age Target heart rate = Maximum heart rate during workout * Target %

. Maximum heart rate during workout [ taking rest heart rate under account] = 220 - Age - Rest Heart Rate Target heart rate = (Maximum heart rate during workout * Target%) + Rest Heart Rate

For example:
Consider a man whose age is 45 having rest heart rate 65 bpm. Calculate Maximum heart rate during workout and Target heart rate.

According to our first formula above we have- Maximum heart rate during workout = (220-45) = 175 Target heart rate = 175 * 65% = 114 bpm 175 * 85% = 149 bpm
This tells that the person should maintain a target heart rate between 114 bpm and 149 bpm during a workout session to reach 65% - 85% of maximum heart rate.
Here 'bpm' stands for 'beats per minute', a unit to measure heart beats.

Similarly, according to our second formula we have

Maximum heart rate during workout = 220-45-65 = 110
Target heart rate = (110 * 65%) + 65 = 137
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