Aircraft Modeling Research Paper

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RC planes are small prototype radio-controlled airplanes that fly using electric motor, gas powered IC engines or small model jet engines. The RC planes are flown remotely with the help of a transmitter with joysticks which can be used to fly the aircraft and perform different manoeuvres. The transmitter comes with a receiver which is installed inside the prototype Airplanes which receives the commands send by the transmitter and controls servos mechanism. The servos are small motors which are mechanically linked to the control surfaces e.g., rudder for yaw control , ailerons for roll control and elevator for pitch control. The servos moves the control rods (which are small rods that connect the servo to different
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M.H. Saboo Siddik College of Engineering Mumbai University, India

The motive of creating this paper is to encourage all the fellow students in the field of Aerodynamics, which is best achieved by creating an aerodynamic model. In this research paper we have tried to include all the essential data required to build a flying model which we hope will help students as the guide to complete their model. This paper concentrates mainly three aspects of aircraft modeling which are as follows: - Designing, Construction, Electronic .

Literature Review

 Design and Implementation of a Stabilization System for a Remote Controlled, fixed-wing, model Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Presented to Prof. Zhu, York University

• Team Aerodynes has undertaken the task of designing and implementing a stabilization system for a remote controlled fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).
• The stabilization system will be a standalone black box device that has the ability to be fitted into the fuselage of a Radio Control (RC) aerial
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• Stronger than coroplast.
• Stiffer than other available materials.

 And Malaysian ply-wood for higher strength and durability during crash or sudden load.

 BALSA WING CONSTRUCTION Several airfoils are cut from balsa wood.
• Airfoils are connected using balsa support rods.
• The structure is partially covered with 1mm sheet balsa throughout the wing span (near the leading edge).
• Ailerons are also made in the similar way.
• Both the wings and ailerons are covered with heat shrink covering film.

 Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), as a flexible aerial photography platform, have been widely used in many applications, such as agriculture, water conservation, mapping, 3D reconstruction, and disaster relief.

 The ability to obtain high-resolution images makes large-scale mapping possible.

 RC Plane has several advantages, such as low altitude, low speed (for a low-altitude aerial photography system, high speed will result in a blurred image), low cost, flexible and simple operation, and high-resolution

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