Swot Analysis Of Lockheed Martin

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is an international company providing service and products to its customers in the area of security and aerospace. The company focuses on different segments such as research, development, or technology but it also provides customers with logistics, engineering or management. The main goal is to improve the quality and affordability for its costumers at home and in international market. The company knows that it is necessary to invest into the technologies and research but it also focuses on highly technical people in order to be successful. First of all, there are several opportunities the company faces today. Aeronautics has been a big opportunity for Lockheed Martin. The consumers are mostly government agencies. The U.S. agency represented…show more content…
Firstly, the company is dependent on US government. Most of the work is done under the US government contracts which it may negatively affect the company because there must be considered the government spending and demand. According to Forbes, the government spending has proven the effect on the result of the company and suggest to focus on the international market too. Another challenge for the company are the changes in regulations and laws. The company must adapt the new regulations and laws in order to maintain their reputation. It is necessary to follow the rules for the company. However, they could lose some business opportunities. According to the Forbes, F-35 and other equipment was not allowed to export to the countries and Middle-East including Saudi Arabia for Israeli concerns. (Forbes) The company also faces increased competition in the area of Information technologies, cyber security, global solutions and consistent cost cutting of the production. Lockheed has to consistently perform with high standards, advanced technologies better solutions and service for affordable prices. It is the challenge for the company to create affordable products and service and remain the high standards of the products and service offered. Currently, Lockheed shows superior performance with high standards focusing on affordability. Another challenge are the pension funds that are fully dependent on…show more content…
Due to its long-term programs and development the company has a great potential to expand and increase its profit. Furthermore, the government dependency brings opportunity for the company to sell abroad and focus more on international market. However, there are several challenges for the corporation too. The cyber-attacks or solutions for pension funds remain big issues which needs to be solved. The prediction for the company is a continuous growth and success in international market as well as long-term projects expansion in home country and support of US

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