Aerophobia Speech

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Fight or Flight Air travel has become an inseparable part of people’s life in this modern world. However, it may not be fascinating to travel in air, between clouds, for everyone. This intense fear as known as “Aerophobia”. Before the discovery of the flight, there were some people who saw it abnormal, but now we live in an age where the abnormal fear of flying are met. We are not birds. We know that we were not born to flying. So we think it perfectly natural for people fear of flying. Why do some people fear dentist when others do not? Why do some peole take big risk in their business life when others do not? The reality is that people take risk in different ways. The way people live their life may be completly different to the way you choose to live yours. Aerophobia is a serious phobia which affects us phsical and pshycological in a bad way; however there are simple steps to follow get rid of aerophobia. There are important reasons why aerophobia is a serious problem for people. Fear of flying is a result of weak psychological defense in the face of stressful and traumatic events. Fear of flying is a simple phobia but with many complex factors. There are many elements to it and millions of reasons why the fear develops in the first place. Different kinds of factors can develop aerophobia in person. The biggest reason and first reason is a traumatic experience. Many times the aerophobia is developed by

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