Aeropostale Case Study

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Introduction Macy’s stores carried the brand name clothing line called Aeropostale. R.H Macy’s decided to branch out to open his own independent line of clothing in 1987.The founder is R.H. Macy’s and Co. originally. Their main focuses and the trend was on the younger generation, from ages 14-17 and 4-12 years old. Aeropostale line of clothing appeared to become very popular with a high demand. Once the line became so popular they begin to manufacture larger sizes in clothing. It was not just young any more, older people could purchase Aeropostale clothing. They went from size four children thought sixteen in women and men and lager size in some states. Aeropostale clothing can be purchased at their stores of trades. Their product can be purchased online at e-commerce’s website ps. (Aeropostale, 1987). Aeropostale companies begin to expand worldwide. They operate 47 P.S kids store from 22 different states. The business grows, so rapidly that they have 914 online warehouses in 50 different states. Aeropostale has an operation of stores in Puerto Rico, and 97 in Canada. They have pursuant various licensing agreements in another country, for instance the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. This is just one of the largest clothing line. However, Aeropostale do have competitors with very successful businesses. There is the American Eagle-outfitter Inc, The Gap Inc, and Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Aeropostale has a unique “logos” design, that represent their lines of all different

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