Aesthetic Analysis In Film

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“The film analyst tries to explain the functioning of the film as a coherent and continuous experience”, this quote accurately describes the role of analysis within film. It provides us with further insight, tells us about the characters, informs us of the social beliefs at the time and helps us gain a greater respect for film as we realise the true depth of meaning in each scene. There are many forms of analysis, but the three I will describe in this essay are ideological, semiotic and aesthetic analysis. Ideology is systems of values shared by some sort of social group, and are assumed to be true. In normal everyday language, ideological means a set of beliefs that allow for no compromise . However, in film, it takes on a new meaning. When…show more content…
Ideology involves presenting specific codes and conventions i.e. beliefs within film, but passing them off as completely natural and universal whereas semiotics are a form of communication within film. It takes ordinary objects and places them of a higher significance. It focuses on the social and cultural meaning of signs and codes . It can help us gain an insight into the world of the film, and uses everything from costume, language and design to indicate things such as class structure, character traits and race. It is much more difficult to find the ideological aspects of a film, they remain at an unconscious level because we do not realise that our beliefs are ideological . Semiotics in comparison, are meant to be noticed, because they are there in order to give the audience a greater understanding of the film. While aesthetics also gives us a greater understanding of the film, it does not play the same role as semiotics. It focuses on establishing the mood and tone of the film, using stylistic elements such as dialogue, music and the mise-en-scène. A good example of this would be the choice of pastel tones within the neighbourhood of Edward Scissorhands. The muted tones contrast heavily with the character of Edward, emphasising how much of an outsider he is, and the fact that every house is painted in pastel tones hints at uniformity and a lack of breaking from the status quo. Colours that are commonly thought of as pleasing, appear strange and alien to the audience, because that’s how they appear to

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