Afa's Trip To The Water: Personal Narrative

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Afa was walking along the lake. When Afa saw something moving in the water he went to go check what was in the water he was barking “WOOF WOOF!” he saw a fin that looked like a shark. So Afa ignored it and went back home. At midnight there was a campfire and Afa came outside to see what was going wrong Afa’s new friend named James and James grandfather was telling a story about a shark named tupa. When james grandfather was walking was his dad Henry he heard a noise in the lake and there was a black fin, so he went to go check it out when he went to go see tupa. Tupa jumped like a rocket ship going to space and then tupa got henry and henry told his son that if I die I want you to “Run Away like a dog!”. “After my dad died I started crying I was man I was not supposed to be crying” said James grandfather.…show more content…
James took Afa to the lake and he was going through the lake James through something in the water something was moving James was scared if it jumped and got him and Afa. So James and Afa went back a little bit Afa started barking “Woof Woof!”. James said
“What happened” said james, so the sharked jumped james hit the shark five times the shark got it the eyes and the heart. The shark died there was blood in the water and james ran to his grandfather and said “I Killed The Shark!” and all the villagers ran to james and they said “thank you”
“You have killed him”.
James grandfather said “We should celebrate with Food Drinks and go swimming! or could go canoeing?” and the all celebrated with

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