Affect The Representation Of Innocence In The Kite Runner And Atonement

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Title: how does sexual assault affect the representation of innocence in both “The Kite Runner” and “Atonement”? In most cultures around the world , sex and desire are concealed from children by parents. According to Goldman and Goldman, it is mainly parents who advocate and abide to the socially constructed “cult of childhood innocence” which firmly places sexuality under the realm of adults. Knowledge of sex is considered to be harmful to children, ruining a naivety perceived to be desirable in them. Acting as keepers and judges of the children’s best interest, adults inculcate their children with unawareness of sexual human interactions, hence by perusing the ideology of censorship as a method of protection. Thus, adults impart the doctrines that associate desire with guilt and shame with sinfulness as an indication that sexual interaction is considered a taboo. This cult of innocence is immensely significant in both McEwan’s “atonement “ and Khalid Husseini’s “ the kite runner”. In the “atonement “, a child’s misrepresentation of sexual desire devastates a young couple demonstrating the danger of developing sexuality .the novel ostensibly deals with the tribulation of Robbie turner who is initially accused wrongly of sexual assault who later dies in his encounter with the second world war. His ordeal is shared with Cecilia tallis who defends him out of love and trust and decides to alienate herself from her family . she later passes away in the German blitz .the

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