Affirmative Action Argumentative Essay

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Affirmative action was first proposed by Vice President Richard Nixon in 1959, and would be expanded upon during the civil rights era in the 1960s to end discrimination, and be away for white people to atone for what they had done to minorities in the past. Affirmative action allows minorities who are stricken by poverty to be accepted into school that they would otherwise not be. Thought this program had good intentions and heart, in reality it would only cause discrimination to become worse. Affirmative actions must be abandoned due to the negative impact it has on our colleges.
There are a lot of arguments that defend the use of affirmative action and advocate its effect on college campuses. Supporters of affirmative action believe that no matter what we do minorities will always be at a disadvantaged and affirmative action is the only way to close the racial gap. Supporters believe that minorities could never be given a fair chance at attending college unless affirmative action is adopted into the school acceptance program. Supporters
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According to an L.A. Times survey done in 1987, when colleges admits minorities through affirmative action their performance often shows that problems have not been solved. “The survey presented evidence that around 90 percent of regularly admitted UCLA students pass the California bar exam, while the passing rate for students admitted under affirmative action only 30 percent" (Finley 1). The problem is that many minorities are already at a disadvantage when the time comes to apply for colleges. It can only place underqualified minorities into a difficult college environment that discourages all of its students and develops. Instead of focusing our attentions on colleges we should instead focus on the early school years that are preparing students for the tough years to
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