Affirmative Action Should Be Allowed To Go To College

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To begin with, people whose family have a lower income and they may not be able to go to college, can use affirmative action to still be allowed to go to college and exploit their talents and still be able to live a standard good life. “Now more than ever, the continued use of affirmative action is needed to address existing discrimination, to break down barriers and to ensure that all individuals have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their talents and abilities” (Affirmative Action, 1) In the quote, it explains how affirmative action helps more people be able to get allowed into schools that would otherwise not, and now have a chance to show their talents and abilities to the world. That although they came from a low income family or a one-parented family, they still have an equal chance to show how they can make a difference in the United States. “These children will grow up to be the adults who drive the…show more content…
In the quote, it demonstrates that if they “eliminated consideration of race,” or in other words, they took out the part of affirmative action due to the race of the person, this would increase whites admission rates by 1.5% which is practically nothing. If they left it the same however, they would have much more people attempting to major in something and start their career. Even if these minorities don’t make it all the way and fail college, giving every equal a chance to prove their talents is more than anyone should ask for, after that, it’s up to them to pursue their careers in
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