Affluent Society In The 1950's

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What is an Affluent Society
In 1945, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said, “America at this moment, stands at the summit of the world”. During the 1950’s, the United States had the strongest military, the economy exploded, and new inventions contributing to the advancement in technology and overall living. A common term used during the 1950’s to describe the prosperity of the post war phenomenon was the term Affluent Society. This term defined means, one that can purchase beneficial materials at any time making the way of living easier and happier. The happy go lucky family with a mom cooking in the kitchen, a father working at his job, and the kids playing in the living room. This time period was known for having disposable income and spending it on consumer goods like the following: refrigerators, air conditioners, and televisions. This term of affluent society applies to the 1950’s lifestyle because of the “economy of abundance” which overall creates a better way of living. One character of the 1950’s that portrays this affluent society is a famous singer/songwriter by the name of Buddy Holly. Buddy originally grew up in Lubbock, Texas, and
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The role of women has changed from being a caregiver to a working woman, or even the president. The generation gap has to this day seen. Evidence of this is the taste in music and the influences it creates. Sexual orientation rights, racial remarks, and religious rights have improved and changed the United States into an even more free society. Today, the words “affluent society” means to be happy and successful. Whether you are of any religion or race, there are no boundaries for individual choices like religion or gender. The roles of the family do not apply as of today. Women can work and men can be caregivers, just as long as the family is a happy family. Affluent society is a term used to describe a happy family in today's
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