Affordable Care Act Argumentative Analysis

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The Affordable Care Act has been the topic of many debates and conversations since it was first come about by President Barack Obama. For a long time, I had really no interest in the bill or the essence of the law, that is until my husband took a job that did not offer insurance and we had to look for our own plan. This is the first time we have gone without insurance in our life’s; it is a scary and overwhelming feeling knowing that we are not protected. I can only imagine how other families are feeling in this position. The Affordable Care Act or ACA or Obamacare is not really up for discussion anymore, that is until the November 2016 election. The situation is that the United States of America is the only industrialized nation that has failed…show more content…
It was envisioned when created to allow consumers to have the ability to compare prices and quality of the plans in which they would like to purchase. Obamacare also offers the breadth of physician and hospital networks and the varying benefit configurations and their medical needs (Oberlander, 2014). The logic of ACA is that it is supposed to make life easier, but as I started looking at insurance on the market place it just gave me a headache. First, you put in all your information, in hopes that you can look at quotes and instead you are left with a message that says an insurance broker will get back to you with plan details. Then, you get around ten phone calls from different insurance agencies trying to get you to buy their product. The only way I could look at actual quotes was to go to each individual insurance company. In doing this I found that most of the plans were very close to the same premiums and out of pocket cost. At that point I seriously just felt that it was a huge waist of a day and that the website I was given for the market place was a joke. Even the President addressed this issue about three years ago stating, “The problems of the website have prevented too many Americans from completing the enrollment process. And that’s on us, not on them (Obama, 2013).” This…show more content…
The effects of not having insurance is that you may be denied services when they are needed at a doctor’s office or dental visit. As well as, with ACA, you can be taxed at the end of the year for not carrying insurance. I am not an individual that can go without insurance, but for those individuals that are young and healthy and cannot afford the $200 a month, they should not be penalized. Struggling Americans are now considered law breakers and are fined at the end of the year, which is marked as taxes imposed by the IRS. Although you cannot be imprisoned for not having insurance, one can be classified as tax evaders for not paying these taxes. Thus imposing a label that is negative on their future financial endeavors (Collica-Cox,
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