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We live in a world where the communication is the foundation for sharing information between people and debating is a formal way of communicating. Debating on the “Insurance policies obtained through the Affordable Care Act should be replaced by High Deductible Health Plans paired with tax free Health Savings Accounts” was challenging in many ways. My team was on the con side. From the beginning, all members of the team agreed that the Affordable Care Act is a controversial and complicated topic, however, ACA has made a number of positive changes to the health care system and increased access to health care services. In addition, the ACA has a tremendous impact not just on patients, but also on health care providers and workers. After the…show more content…
In addition, the ACA is already helping millions of Americans to access affordable and quality health care. A couple weeks before the debate each member of the team selected the provisions of the ACA that she thought it was important. The key components of the ACA that we chose were individual mandate, guaranteed issue, free preventive health care, coverage of services for mental health, behavioral health and substance abuse disorders, Medicaid, Medicare and health insurance options for children. My parts were free preventive health care and coverage for people with the pre-existing…show more content…
According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, preventive health care save lives and improve health by identifying illnesses earlier, managing and treating them more effectively before the condition can progress1. Under the ACA, 15 preventive services and one wellness visit are fully covered by the majority of the insurance plans without copays and coinsurance. Free preventive health care has had a direct effect on the health care costs in the U.S. Many Americans wait to see a doctor until they get sick due to cost2. However, by making preventive health care services free it helps Americans live longer, healthier lives and keeping health care costs down. The high deductible plans paired with tax free health savings accounts compared to the ACA may be less efficient because people will face pressure to safe. In addition, most of the time people seek health care when they need it because they do not want to use money from their health saving
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