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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed law March 23rd 2010 by President Obama. The Affordable Care Act is a health care reform that provides Americans with insurance and makes it more affordable as well as giving the recipient more options for places to go. An example of this would be able to choose between four doctors instead of two. The Affordable Care Act also provides people of a wide age range with better options for health insurance. As a results of the Affordable Care Act many uninsured people are receiving medical attention, young adults can stay on their parents insurance plans longer and Medicare and Medicaid have improved plans. The Affordable Care Act brings many people insurance in the United States that is…show more content…
According to David Blumenthal M.D. and M.P.P. and Sara R. Collins Ph.D. “As proponents and many experts predicted, however, a late surge pushed the number of enrollees through individual marketplaces to 8 million, which exceeded the much cited predictions by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).” Eight million people can now see a doctor or get medical treatment. These people consist of various reason of why they got the Affordable Care Act such as enrolling into different parts, first time getting insurance, or switching insurance. An example of this would be someone of the age sixty-five or older could enroll into Medicare. Depending on the medicine or help they need is what part they would be enrolled in. Medicare Part D is a well-known part; this is the insurance help with prescription drugs. The person enrolled in this can get help or even have their medicine paid for though the Affordable Care Act. This is topic is further discussed in what is Medicare. Although when people hear the Affordable Care Act most people think it’s just for the elderly but it also play a big role for young adults as…show more content…
The problems range from sleep disorders to obesity and asthma. According to Dr. Peppard of University of Wisconsin-Madison, Young, Barnet, Palta, Hagen and Hla “Obesity is a strong causal factor for sleep-disordered breathing, and because of the ongoing obesity epidemic, previous estimates of sleep-disordered breathing prevalence require updating” Young adults are truly benefited from the Affordable Care Act as a result of the coverage when they become older. When young adult decide to leave home they can be reassured that they can maintain good health even if they do have medical needs that require some sort of medicine. Though many young people are benefiting form the Affordable Care Act it’s not just them, the elderly population is benefiting from this as well. Medicare is a part of the insurance that is for people sixty-five and older. This means you have to be receiving social security or disability income. There are different parts of Medicare people qualify for including Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D. Medicare Part A is hospitalizations and acute care, for people that would be in a skilled nursing facility. Medicare Part B is outpatient care this includes such as surgeries and doctor visits. Medicare Part C is Medicare advantage plans is an alternative way to receive Medicare benefits. Medicare Part D is most common and is the prescription drug
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