Affordable Healthcare Argumentative Analysis

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The purpose of this paper is to holistically analyze ObamaCare, also known as the Patient Protection and Affordable HealthCare Act, taking into account both the benefits and shortcomings of this health care plan introduced by the Obama Administration. The Affordable HealthCare Act is not necessarily a newly introduced law, but a law that reforms existing healthcare programs in the United States. The law does introduce new benefits, however, it is largely comprised of new provisions including the mandate for all Americans to have health insurance, the expansion of existing social healthcare programs, and the mandate for large employers to provide coverage to all eligible employees. The goal of the Patient Protection and Affordable HealthCare…show more content…
However, the Affordable HealthCare Act has added a marketplace where those who are uninsured can purchase health insurance coverage. Under the Affordable HealthCare Act, every American must be covered under some sort of health care insurance. In fact, if an individual remains uninsured, a tax penalty will be assessed (the tax penalty fee is detailed above). It was this specific mandate that caused controversy when the Affordable HealthCare Act was being introduced. Many conservatives, and some liberals, proclaimed that this mandate violated the Constitution, particularly the First and Fourth Amendments. Regardless, all Americans must be covered or otherwise pay a tax penalty; therefore, all Americans should purchase coverage under the Affordable HealthCare…show more content…
This Act proposes several mandates and provisions to reduce the cost of healthcare for both the federal government and individuals, increase the availability of health insurance for all Americans, and to eliminate discrimination of very ill or potentially ill individuals in need of health insurance. The Act was introduced as a means to shrink the exponentially increasing costs of healthcare in the United States. As promising as it is, there will be many more reforms after to ensure the target goal of reducing healthcare spending is achieved. As with any reform this large, patience and constant upkeep will be needed. Due to the largely political nature of the Affordable HealthCare Act, it will be important to note how upcoming elections will affect healthcare in the United
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