Argumentative Essay On Affordable Housing

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Affordable housing is a necessary requirement in life for people who accept low income and has a good effect for society. According to Tran, (2015) view that, affordable housing is a worthy resource which has great potentialities in the economic system and it has contributed enormously to change the appearance of the metropolis as well as the countryside. The target of affordable housing gives the support to the community. For example, affordable housing can give us benefit in all aspects such as it brings profit in commercial enterprise, improving the standard of animation and an affordable housing can bring down some of the problems which related to the surroundings. As a consequence, the government should make more affordable lodging for…show more content…
Poor housing conditions are linked with a broad scope of health conditions, including respiratory infections, asthma, lead intoxication, injuries, and mental wellness. For this reason, in (Krieger & Higgins, 2002) expresses that each year in the United States, there are 2900 people die in house fires, 3 000 000 people make emergency room visits for asthma. 1 000 000 young children who have blood lead levels high enough to adversely affect their intelligence, behavior, and their evolution. On the other hand, developing affordable housing creates jobs – both during contractions and through new consumer spending after the houses have been filled. The National Association of Home Builders estimates that building 100 new affordable housing for households which have low income, contributes to the creation of 80 jobs from the direct and collateral effects of construction and 42 jobs supported by the induced effects of the spending (Wardrip, Williams & Hague, 2011). By building affordable housing, people can be in a sizeable and sustainable condition, more opportunities to increase the character of life in order to avoid the unemployment, and especially reduce…show more content…
According to Preserving Affordable Housing is Green (2008), affordable housing during the renovation process creates healthier living environments. It resolves a big number of slums in many cities in the universe such as Dharabi in Mumbai, Kibera in Kenya and Kadwe in Zambia where lack of good condition and serious unsanitary. By this way, affordable housing receives positive idea such as “If construct affordable housing, then the remainder of the slum can be raised. This could change the whole lifestyle of Kibera” (Lunami, n.d.). Also, affordable housing always has sewerage system, fresh water and collecting garbage services, so people they do not have to live based on the dirty channel as well as let out waste water into the river or channels which moving around the urban center. As a result, affordable housing is the result for the government contributes to improve the environment and the environment of the
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