Affordable Housing Crisis: A Case Study

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The first step is to be aware of the problem by understanding the minimum wage vs housing wage in your city. Is there a notable difference? What is the amount of hours worked at minimum wage to acquire the housing wage in the city? This questions are important to answer before you drive into the root cause of the problem.The second step is to understand the foundation and consequences of the underlying affordable housing crisis. Once you grasp the overarching idea it is time educate yourself in the local programs such as Re-Housing (RRH) and Invisible Family Project.

Both of these projects have effective strategies to combat the effect of homelessness. Re-Housing is a cost effective strategy that potentially would be able to help families successfully exit homelessness and maintain permanent housing. The early evidence indicated that this
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By educating yourself and others in approaches to increase affordability in an urban area you can create a stable network throughout the nation that will rallying funds and strategies to help solve the affordable housing problem. The affordability Crisis affects us all not just the lower income population. (Community Tool Box,2015)

The United States is dealing with an Affordable Housing Crisis. This Crisis is echoing throughout the states and social classes. This issue effects everyone. There are consequences that emerges from the lack of housing. These consequences can cause increase in health problems, traffic congestions, discrimination between individuals or communities, increase of homeless, and lack of household stability. There are many government funded projects that help the low income resident find housing however, there is a shortage of all of the units creating mass
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