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The Impact of Affordable Housing on Communties.
One of the issues that could face people is the rising of the house prices and the corrupted housing system. Also, what a person accustomed to pay to fulfill his/her house needs not as before, but increased, that is why people start seeking to find a proper home they can afford.
Consequently, the question that comes to mind is does affordable house affect communities? Beyond any doubt, the affordable and stable housing can affect positively the community, and this can be recognized by seeing the changes in lives and communities. This research will clarify the extensive impact of affordable housing on different aspects of community life.
Affordable housing, household stability,
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Consequently, affordable housing will create and provide a good and successful environment. It will help the children to improve their educational achievement, and reduce the stress that may cause poor educational results.
Affordable housing and health
All of the aspect before, has an impact on the child health in a negative way. Moreover, children who are living in unstable house suffer from the inaccessibility to the food they need, which cause a poor health. Reaserches found that, for every increase in rent there is 10% increase in food insecurity amongst low-income families.
On the other hand, children are not the only one who are affected. Adults are also affected by the unstable house. That is why housholds who are unable or felt wooried about their rent, are more likly to face mental and physical diseses, and about 50% are unable to have a well sleep.
In details, house instability is associated with health risks whether for children or adults. Health risks for children are like low weight, asthma, delay in their development, and depression. While in adults, the health risks are like care reduction, postpone the health care, mental distress, and trouble in
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This raising of the transportation and housing costs put pressure on families, making them abandon the basic and critical needs, or taking depts.
Families face the house cost problem by moving and living in low-cost houses which are far away from their jobs, but they do not put in their consideration the transportation cost. If a family kept some money from housing cost, they will find themselves paying that money to transportation.
Affordable housing can help the low-income families, it allows families to save money, better health and job. Providing affordable housing in the main stations and in transit-rich areas is important for the low-income families to reach their housing and their jobs easily, because most of the houses are near to transits are expensive which make it difficult to low-income families access these areas.
Another contribution of the affordable housing is it increase the neighborhood liveliness, and provide a better neighborhood quality. Several studies found that the affordable housing affects the values of the surrounding property in a positive way when it is attractive and well designed.
Affordable housing and
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