War Against Terrorism Essay

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Terrorist attacks have been taking place from a long period of time. These attacks have been set and planned to plant terror and fear in the people’s hearts. Recent terrorist attacks are taking place and many different countries have been working together in order to eliminate this threat. A famous terrorist attack that took place in the USA is the attack of 9/11 on the two world trade centers, the pentagon and other areas. This attack has threatened the western countries ever since. In 2001, the UN responded to the attack with resolution 1368. This resolution, advised that intense action to eliminate this threat has to take place as soon as possible. On the seventh of October 2001, the United States and the United Kingdome officially launched Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). The operation was set to aid the countries and grant the world freedom from such inhumane acts. The operation has grabbed the attention of many countries in the world including Canada. Canada then participated in the operation.
Since the Second World War, Canada has been seen as a bystander in different situations and conflicts that are created every now and then. However, Canada in this war against terrorism shows a great supplier and
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This operation was the longest in the War in Afghanistan. ATHENA took eight years for it to end. The Canadian Armed Forces deployed infantry troops in order to establish and secure the perimeter of the capital and eliminate any possible threats to insure safety. The infantry conducted foot patrols, recon missions, and armed interceptions on illegal weapon convoys. The troops also provided security for the election facilities. The missions during Operation ATHENA focused on protecting the Afghanis and providing a secure, safe, and developed work space. This was obtained by eliminating terrorist’s barracks and hidden
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