African American Argumentative Speech Analysis

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Argumentative Speech Booker T. Washington an African American had great topics that were introduced to society which developed a plan focusing on economic opportunities that addressed the disfranchisement of the African Americans, and industrial education. Washington seeked to expand opportunities for African Americans in markets that white laborers have abandoned in the south. Having a period of time where African Americans are able to expand their access to new opportunities during the Reconstruction has given African Americans the opportunity to vote as well as giving us the chance to be a candidate as the President of our nation. Living in a period of time where we are all discriminated, treated unfairly, no equal rights and living in poverty has made a great impact on our society. We have all been to point where we all have to dealt with daily struggles on a daily basis. From us losing our jobs, to us being treated as slaves and being racially profiled by everyone should not make us weaker, but stronger. Just because we are of a different skin color or race we should not be treated unfairly. We are all humans and we all deserve the same equal rights to be treated fairly. So this is why we should all make our stand.

We may have a crucial economy on ourselves but just like anyone else we are going
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With some still being treated is slaves, only some of us have been lucky enough to be free and given the chance to follow a profession or trade. When those opportunities are given, that is when we need to take the chance to take on those challenges. For those challenges we need to take risks, risks that will give us the chances to one day own some type of business or trade that will make us think back to this day that we all decide to make a stand on. For us, for our future, for everyone's
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