Beauty In African American History

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There are many aspects of how beauty has played an important role within the African American history. Since early time periods, beauty has constantly been implied within various aspects of cultures that has been passed down from generation to generation. Based on today’s society, there has been a lot of influence within the beauty industry that has been shown to have some sort of effect based upon the social, economic, and political context of African American individual throughout the twentieth century. Through the aspect of trying to be the “perfect woman”, there have been large number of debates that are associated with trying to become the ideal woman within the twentieth century. Now a days, everything is based upon how good a woman…show more content…
From those times, the population of African American women that have enrolled in college has greatly increased. Within regards to the Black Panther Movement, there have been a lot of women who were taking a stand for what they believed in within regards to expressing and embracing their culture. Ford vividly talks about Olive Morris, who was a British community leader and an activist in the black feminist campaigns in the United Kingdom. She also describes an altercation that Morris had wit the police when they arrested her nd sexual brutalized…show more content…
Although many years have passed, some aspects of the sense of womanhood have still maintained to be the same. Since there are a lot of aspects of beauty that still play a role within the twentieth century, many women are still struggling to find a way to stand up for what they believe is right within the beauty industry alone. By having cosmetic surgeries constantly available to women of any economic status, there are a lot of women spending thousands of dollars in order to make themselves more “acceptable” towards today’s society. Another economic problem occurs within the cosmetic industry is that they are constantly receiving more money and allowing for women to live with their insecurities and transfer them into something fake. From the perspective of many individuals, there have been a lot of inspiring role models within the African American society that have had the opportunity to attempt to influence other women to love who they are and for them to embrace their hair, skin, and who they are. Through the economic, political and social lenses, there are many factors that play a role within how many African American women live within the twentieth
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