African American Beauty: The Perfect Woman In The 20th Century

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There are many aspects of how beauty has played an important role within the African American history. Since early time periods, beauty has constantly been implied within various aspects of cultures that has been passed down from generation to generation. Based on today’s society, there has been a lot of influence within the beauty industry that has been shown to have some sort of effect based upon the social, economic, and political context of African American individual throughout the twentieth century. Through the aspect of trying to be the “perfect woman”, there have been large number of debates that are associated with trying to become the ideal woman within the twentieth century. Now a days, everything is based upon how good a woman 's body looks, how pretty their hair is, and what/how they dress, will eventually determine if a woman is that “ideal woman.” Our society has placed the thought that in order for you to have the perfect body, a female must be below a size three. Now, in reality, most women in America today average out to be at least a three or higher. For this reason, there are a lot of women that undergo surgery or even physically hurt themselves because they think that they are too “big.” From the aspect of women, everyone comes in all different shapes and sizes, and in order for someone to be able to love themself, they have to be able to accept their body for who they are. Women are also told that you must have long straight full hair, which is not

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