African American Civil Rights: Dr. King Vs. Malcolm X

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Civil rights for African Americans are beneficial for the United States as a country either using violent or nonviolent methods to achieve this goal. African American civil rights have been fighting for over many years and the most used civil rights movement's methods have been by non violence used by Martin Luther King Jr. and violence used by Malcolm X. Dr. King and Malcolm X both respected civil rights movement leaders have used violence and nonviolence to their advantage to achieve the goal of African American civil rights. Both respected leaders conducted many acts to achieve the same reward with contrasting methods, even with Dr. King is Christian and Malcolm X a Muslim. America should have confronted the inequalities of the 1960’s by creating a peaceful protest and movement, but if civil rights and peace for are not given, then violence protests should take place in a certain amount of time.…show more content…
King and Malcolm X civil rights movement leaders with both pros and cons to their techniques. In documents six Dr. King states how the marches and boycotts are the many weapons in their Arsenal. In document “M” Malcolm X states how the government sends one African American student to school. Although, if violence takes place all African American students would be able to go to school. Document one shows how they praised and respected each other's methods of solution for African American civil rights. In the end, at the time of the 1960’s with the current Vietnam War a peaceful method would be easier because if violence was to take place the government would have to worry about both situations. Nonviolence is the best method because then it would cause less
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