African American Colonialism: Prejudice And Racism

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I am an American. However, because I am not of the white hegemony in society, I am primarily identified by two very necessary adjectives as either Black or African before defining my Americanism. This begs the question: when did race, the black race particularly, and injustice become so synonymous? I sit here wondering about each race and ethnicity of persons that are gathering his or her thoughts as well about the question that has been presented before us to attempt. Now at the age of thirty a Black, African American, how can I pluck out just one incident that has directly or indirectly affected me? As it is, injustice in many a way has been a tool for survival or rather justification in a redemptive pool where most have drowned. Sometimes, I secretly mumble to myself, "at least I made it to live another day," but have I? Have you? Specifically, I could tell you about the time a Gwinnett County police officer came to my house, without cause or warrant, and demanded of me one Saturday afternoon while cleaning my house, my license to prove my residency; meanwhile, his hand pivoted anxiously on his gun. With his abusive…show more content…
Martin Luther King, Jr. was undeniably a bold prophet who dropped a golden nugget filled dream that still challenges the universe on the manifestation of its occurrence. It seems as though another one hundred million years will pass before justice will be allowed to make it up to us. More importantly, when I look at our world from an omniscient view, I see that injustice has become a cosmic epidemic. Not just systemic in its root, but nurtured by a strategic, survivalist ploy that we, as a unit, as a world shall overcome some day. Nonetheless, my hope is that I am able to join in the fight that this university would allow me to join in so that I do not fall into the same disillusionment that my previous writings preclude. Thank you for the time and
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